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Couples and Spouses

 I will help you understand the reasons behind your constant conflict, poor communication, and inability to be on the same team. My solution oriented approach is designed to remove the toxicity from your relationship and replace it with real emotional intimacy.


For those who are struggling with anxiety or depression, or life direction, there is a way forward. I’d welcome a shot to help you find the contentment you’re looking for.


Parents, I will help you and your adolescent overcome the distance that has grown between you, find the ways to reconnect again, and stay connected in the emotional safety you both want.

It's never too late for a solution to heal your hurts.

TAKE THE FIRST STEP. Contact me today.


I'm marriage friendly.

Not every counselor is.

Research reflects that most therapists are neutral when marriages are in trouble. I am not most therapists. My goal is to transform and heal troubled marriages, because I feel you, your future and your family legacy will be richer for it. If you are looking for Christian counselors near me in East Cobb, we can meet in my office. If you're out of the area, we can also meet by phone or video chat.

Do you battle bitterness and resentment?

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stuck? afraid? negative thoughts?

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Please print off the appropriate form, fill it out and bring it with you to your session. It’s a basic individual and family overview, HIPPA, and other important yadda, yadda, yadda.

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