emotional baggage fees

emotional baggage

What if the airlines charged you for emotional baggage? “Let’s see, sir, you’re traveling with two large cases of anger, one duffel of puffed up pride, and a gym bag full of insecurity given to you by your father. That’s going to cost you.” Or “Yes, ma’am, I see you have three shoulder bags of … Read more

remembering how to forgive

If you lose your temper or do something like that to hurt a preschooler’s feelings, and you humble yourself to say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong when I…. Will you forgive me?” I’ll bet every single time, every single kid, in a nanosecond, will respond, “Sure. I forgive you.” But with teens or adults? Not … Read more

why some relationships are destined to fail

What if you downloaded an operating system to your new phone and it messed up your phone so bad you had to get another phone? So you get a second new phone and you load the same operating system as before to the new phone. Guess what? Surprise, it fries that phone too! Whoa, didn’t … Read more