sacred spaces for relationships

Some spaces are just sacred, whether we treat them as such or not. And, while we all SAY it’s important to limit our screen time and choose times and places safe from the interruption of our devices… not many of us are doing it. Perhaps that’s because, although we acknowledge the danger, we don’t see it. Take … Read more

six relational friction reducers

relational friction

In relationships, we understand that opposites attract. We think, “Hey, you’re intriguing and interesting to me.” Then after we get to know each other, and have been together for a year or two- or get married- those opposites can attack! What was cute when we were dating may become caustic if we’re not careful. There … Read more

how to be the affair that never happened

affair recovery

Who is the most likely candidate to become involved in an affair? I invite you to check out my latest blog entry for entitled “Three Be’s to Avoid Infidelity”. You might be surprised. There in the counseling session, Kim’s emotions ricocheted from hot anger to numb stupor to intense heartache as she poured out her … Read more

six battle tactics to beat the holiday blues

Christmas sadness

As the calendar turned to November, Sue could feel the tension in her body rising, and her throat began to tighten. Looking at the calendar with its upcoming “command performance appearances” at her parents’ line up of holiday parties, her husband Jeff’s annual Thanksgiving blowout (or was it blow up?) family get together at the … Read more