five points to consider before you file for divorce in January

*If you are in a dangerous or abusive relationship, this post does not apply to you. Please seek professional support and help NOW. —————- I bet you’ve figured out already that this is not the warm fuzzy holiday blog post. There are lots of wonderful heart-warming stories and experiences shared this time of year. Cultures … Read more

small changes

small changes

Since it’s New Year’s Eve, we all think about making changes for the year ahead. I find it interesting that we have linked in our heads that a new calendar year equates with making changes. Well, it turns out civilizations of people before us have been doing it for centuries, so I guess it’s part … Read more

emotional baggage fees

emotional baggage

What if the airlines charged you for emotional baggage? “Let’s see, sir, you’re traveling with two large cases of anger, one duffel of puffed up pride, and a gym bag full of insecurity given to you by your father. That’s going to cost you.” Or “Yes, ma’am, I see you have three shoulder bags of … Read more